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Excited for the official unveiling!

As my first blog, let me start off by saying thank you and welcome! I should start off by sharing a bit of who I am and the current project I've been working on!

I was born in the Bayou, and raised, all over the states until my family settled in Arizona. Always living in new places gave me an opportunity to meet so many thoughtful souls that affected my personal journey. I love the experiences I've collected, and the ways they allow me to convey connection. There's a bit of everywhere in everything I've painted.

This project has been incredibly meaningful to me. It's taken me back to the roots of creativity. The sounds of packs of coyotes in the East Texas and lightning bugs in Louisiana. It's given me a place to show love and respect to the women before me and those to come after. The ones who have suffered and fought to be part of this world and continued survival through it all. The way they allowed themselves to walk with grace, and power. Being vulnerable without wavering. I dedicate it all to my Granny, Jackie Lewis, the strongest woman I've ever known.

There will be an unveiling on Indigenous Peoples Day, 2022 in Phoenix Arizona. All are welcome!

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